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The meter is only 36$ short of the goal to unlock the Zoe pregnant one shot. Still looking for people who have never donated before too, 3$ moves that bar closer as well as gets you access to the VIP section.

So I am thinking of making a Kofi Gold account and trying to get more donations. I was brainstorming it a bit after it was suggested to me by Thor. Here are my current thoughts, and I would love feedback on whether this would make you interested in supporting my comic.

Set a 25$ a month tier, a 50$ a month tier, and a 100$ a month tier.

The 25$ one would get you a commissioned speed drawing (basically the quality of the sketches of panty protection, but fully colored). Could also forgo getting one and combining 2 months for a FULL commission. basically getting you a commission every other month.

The 50$ tier would get you a full page commission (with the chance of me taking the idea and building something bigger off it for extra free pages). These pages would be on par with the Jordan Triple penetration one shot on the homepage, can be multiple panels and as crazy as you want.

The 100$ tier would get you 2pgs, or commissions (and again I may make it bigger if it is an idea that inspires me)

All (25$ and up) would get to see daily progress on all my commissions so it would be like getting access to a whole extra website with almost daily pages updated instead of the few that post here each week).

I would then offer up select commissions to the rest of the people here if certain goals are met (like currently with the pregnant Zoe one). Was thinking that each month I would do that (next month being a goal to open up the Bathory and Alucard one shot).

I am trying to find a way to make this sustainable. The past 2 months have been great but it is mostly coming from 3 super fans (who I am eternally grateful to for their awesome support both financially and just by commenting and showing me that there are people out there who love what I do). For this to work long term though I need to get to a point where I am making 1000$ a month or else this will all go away when I need to go back to working a day job. I’d much rather spend my time making all you guys happy rather than making billionaires slightly richer in a job that kills my soul. I have enough still in my bank to survive till at least October, but every day it gets a little closer and I am so stressed dealing with the looming fear of job hunting post pandemic. 1ooo$ is probably not possible with my small fanbase (growing but still tiny) but if even 20 people commissioned me each month that would be enough that I could live frugally pending a disaster like a broken computer…

I don’t know if I could do 20 commissions a month, but I am willing to try my damnedest if given the opportunity. Basically it would require doing at least 1page every single day but likely more like 2. Which means I need to streamline my drawing a bit to try to get it down to 5hrs per page on Zoe and try to get commissions down to like 4hrs. I know many out there are in the same boat as me (especially this year, with everything going on) but if you like the comic and are in a place where you both want premium artworks tailored to you and have the financial stability to give, please consider YELLOWGERBIL for your smut needs.

You would be helping a guy follow his dream and the money would be going towards my bills and food to survive, a much safer bet than many charities out there, like all those poor people that were recently duped by Change.org, I personally am not a BLM fan but feel bad for the millions of them that were screwed over by Change when they thought they were donating to Floyds family when in fact anything given on Change goes into their own pockets because they are a for profit company parading as a charity platform. Kinda got off topic there a bit. What I am trying to say is, if you do decide to support me know that the money is put to good and honest use, I won’t be off gambling or drinking or buying drugs (am a pretty boring guy, practically a hermit with how introverted and anti social I am in the real world), the money would go to my bills (phone, internet, about 30$ in various streaming services, garbage, electricity, car insurance, and about 4-500$ a month in food and cat food, maybe 2 video games a year and ps+ and maybe to the theater with my few real life friends 6 times a year (if the theaters ever reopen).

If anyone read this far through this ramble, thanks, you are the real hero! lol. I’d love feedback on this, and gunna look into transforming my old VIP section into a new one for those that commission me (that means if you have access to it, go see it fast before I delete it all, it is super unorganized sketches from the old Zoe version but if you like to see in progress sketches it will be there for today, probably wiped out tomorrow).