Most. Overrated. Of the decade (last decade technically).

I’ve been on the search for good horror films to watch (please suggest ones you think are worth watching), all over online I heard Heredity was the “best”. Well its not.

2+hours, and the only bit that matters is the last 5 minutes. Nothing builds towards the end, instead it feels like they just abandoned the movie they were making and wanted to make a different one at the end. I appreciated the lack of jumpscares but you need something to replace them (preferably an escalation of tension). What destroys tension is story arcs being pointless, and this goes far beyond a red herring (which can be good for a story), it was an ending that wasn’t built upon the first 2hrs of film. Yeah I am exaggerating a bit as there are a few little things here and there, but those are minor. There could of been a good movie here if woven better but there was a huge disconnect for me between the movie and its ending. It wasn’t a twist, it was just a nothing.

scare score 3/10

movie score 5/10