Sad update.

Today I woke to finding Zoidberg dead, and never gave birth so all the babies died with her. I was super excited to have a colony of shrimp living in my tank too. She was my favorite inhabitant of my tank.

Looking online I guess while pregnant shrimp are a lot more vulnerable as well as more prone to dying from things as simple as scared of too many males in the tank or a water change. If I get lucky enough to get another one of my shrimp pregnant I will put her in a quarantine tank to hopefully help her have a place to feel calm and safe.


I named the Shrimp Zoidberg because it was huge (compared to the others) but now I realize it is a girl shrimp and not only that, it is pregnant. Gunna get a breeder box tomorrow to try to separate her so the fish don’t eat all her babies, online says 20-40┬ábabies is what I should expect, but not sure how many I can keep alive, I know at least 1 has died and of the 8 that are in the tank I’ve only ever been able to count 5 at any time so not sure if all 8 are still alive.

The current Zoe page has been a pain, and have started and stopped 3 times, finally got a page halfdone that I think works so those with the VIP expect that to be posted tomorrow. I find starring at the fish and shrimp to be very calming when get stressed out and struggle with a drawing, They all love to go up and nip at the floater plants that have completely overrun the surface.

It started with about 10 little leafs that hitched a ride when I bought the Pleco a month ago, now I have to scoop a bit each day and toss out so there is a spot to actually feed the fish. They all seem to like it so not gunna get rid of the floaters.