I am finally catching up to 2015 and have launched a yellowgerbilcomics discord server.


please consider joining, hoping it will be a place where you will all feel more comfortable commenting and interacting. It is in the humble beginning stages right now but eventually I am hoping it will be a active place where people can come and chat and post Zoe fanart and watch art streams of me drawing up comics and whatnot. As well as a place where hopefully I can get a better back and forth so I can make comics that you love, I mostly have to just guess on what my audience wants right now so sometimes I make choices that disappoint, or end comics because I think no one is invested in them so try to cut my losses and make something that hopefully will get a better response. With a discord hopefully it will no longer just be me talking to the wind and seeing what sticks. feedback is important. This will be a great place for that. If you have a discord please consider joining. If you don’t have a discord but are interested, what are you waiting for, Nintendo to make one? Seriously though, it is completely free, just get a burner email and set up a discord using it 😀

Will be doing a live art stream Sunday night at 10pm est time of Audrey getting deflowered by her uncle Keith. Feel free to watch, or if have a headphone and mic feel free to chat too (if not there is also text chat)