Firstly Knight Lights isn’t abandoned, I just have pushed it back because I am super busy, been drawing about 8 comic pages a week between all the commissions and stuff, so if you want to see more content, consider becoming a 10$ sponsor and get access to my huge list of commissioned work, most recently started a ongoing commission of Mabel and Dipper from Gravity Falls. I should have page 7 of Knight Lights done for its VIP this weekend, gunna wait to post publicly till whenever the first chapter is done (there is 18pgs in the first chapter).

Secondly, thanks to one amazing reader I will soon be the proud owner of a super powerful gaming PC, and on that PC will be a “game” called Koikatsu. Basically it is a 3d porn maker.

^this is what can be done with Koikatsu (I didn’t do this, I don’t yet have it or my PC, probably will in a week/10days).

I’ve been coming up with an idea of a comic that can take place in a school and with the help of the same guy who is building my PC have come up with a comic I think you’ll all really like. It is about a duo of school reporters investigating things at their school, from missing panties, to ghosts, to sex cults 😀

The best thing is if I can make this happen I think I can post quite frequently (hoping every single day).

With Koikatsu I can also make little animations in 3d (including of Zoe if can figure out how to make big Zoe style noses in a game designed with anime no nose girls in mind).

Lastly, I want to do a sort of reboot/refresh of Zoe once I get good enough with that program to create references for my characters. It won’t be in 3d, just using the models to improve my art in the way I was doing with backgrounds in Shippon Girls. I want to get the comic back on track as it has had some big pacing problems. So have a story thought up that jumps ahead about 2 months and will sort of reintroduce Zoe and after a year or so will probably delete the current pages and move them over to the archive like did in the last version (once have about 40 pages done up of the new version so there is plenty of content to get new readers hooked). I feel I’m ready to take the comic more seriously and will start outlining instead of leaving it up to whatever I feel like when doing pages, this will get the story moving forward but also keep it fresh. With Koi I have detailed maps of a school in 3d, so will finally be able to have the story deal with her at school and Kali will become a major character fighting for Damien’s affections.


I’m super excited about the possibilities, but just in case it doesn’t pan out, keep that in mind, I’ve not actually TRIED this yet as haven’t gotten the PC. I got super excited years ago for Dreams, thinking it would allow me to turn Zoe into a high quality 3D comic/animation and when I got it it was like trying to learn a new language and was beyond me. I don’t THINK that will be the case this time as I’ve looked at videos and basically it is just the most robust character creator ever conceived (think Skyrim if it had 100 different shaped nippled for your character, and then the ability to scale and color them however you want). As for the posing, I have some experience there (tried Daz3d years ago, and took 2 3d animation classed about 15 years ago), so think I can fumble through that. The biggest hurdle is a lot of photoshopping to fix clipping clothes and hair so it doesn’t look so amateur the way the stuff I find online is. It will be a challenge, but one I think I can handle.

So keep an eye out in around a month for more on that comic and other things.

Also, follow me on twitter if haven’t and I also just created an account on Baraag. My twitter only needs 3 more to reach 850 followers, help me get there 😀 Already have a drawing done up just waiting for that milestone.