I just got the finished voice work by the actress that is doing Zoe’s voice. So I wanted to put a little sample up for everyone to give an idea how she is going to sound. The video is not synced as I still haven’t found any video editor that fits my needs. So instead I turned a simple gif loop from my Patron gifs into a video file and tossed some audio, unedited, over it. Not really a representation of what the final product will be like but a little tease.

Still looking for a program to edit. Getting to the point where I think I will break down and get an Adobe Premiere subscription but it is pretty pricey.

Anyone who wants to support the comic and the making of this video which is going to contain about 100x the animation as is shown in this simple loop please consider becoming a Patron. I’ve been posting gifs pretty much everyday and am finally starting to draw up the loops of Zoe and the therapist having sex.