So it turns out a lot of the features aren’t actually in my version of clip (its like a 2-3 year old version). Need to buy the newest version… I know it is a lot to ask but without a regular income the 220$ is a bit steep. SO will probably be doing a gofundme or something just to quickly raise the money with commissions as rewards for helping. More info to come as I look into things more.




So for months I’ve been stressing out about how to edit this animation. What program to use. Not finding any that really did what I needed in a program outside of subscription based Adobe stuff I didn’t want to get into…

Turns out I can do it all (I think) in Clip Studio Paint (the drawing program I use). They have an animation tab that I never noticed before and it allows a timeline and keyframe animating like flash used to be. It seems I can even import sound files, meaning I should be able to completely edit inside of Clip Studio without using any other software, and I don’t need these tedious raw AVI files I’ve been making that don’t allow me to adjust things frame by frame.
Its gunna set the animation back a bit and a lot of my work will be completely pointless now, but I think I should be able to get things back on track after a few days tinkering with the editing tools.

Started work on a test for the VDSD animation and will use that as my practice project to figure out how to make the animation.

Here is a look at that.

I made a set of mouth movements so I can try to lip sync her talking. That is the biggest issue with the first animation. I didn’t really design it in a way where she can have different expressions or mouth movements. With the VDSD animation it is almost solely going to be focused on that so I can get the experience needed to make much better animations down the line.