So I’ve been messing around with what will be my next animation after this Zoe one. Came up with a Character and a story.

The really short version of the story is a family moves to a big new home, which happens to be haunted. The Daughter sort of befriends the ghost and after a seance learns that he has unfinished business and can’t move on until it’s finished. Lose his ghost virginity…

Have a couple of corny jokes thought up like “I always pictured it being with less of a casper and more of a Casper Van Dean”.

So been sketching up a scene of her stripping for him because I needed a little break from all this Zoe drawing. I’ve made a design (shown above) but can’t decide between busty or flat. So anyone got any preferences (both are just really rough sketches right now so don’t judge on the drawings themselves, just on the idea).

Going for a Tim Burton feel sort of like Beatlejuice mixed with Casper. Her skin is going to be green but is just a normal girl and not a Zombie or anything.