Still haven’t gotten my tablet, so Monday at the earliest… Hate not being able to draw. Also thought I would fiddle around with editing the video and learned there doesn’t seem to be ANY programs for animation editing.

I trained on and used Final Cut Pro(7) and Adobe Premiere Pro (cs6) back in the day. Those are what I am comfortable with and the first programs I sought out. Well Adobe Premiere only exists anymore as an overpriced cloud based program that you have to pay an annual subscription to even use. Final cut doesn’t seem to allow my computer to even use it because I have Mac 0s 10.12 and they refuse to support old systems and both of those companies are so consumer unfriendly that they make it impossible to use their old software.

So I went googling trying to find alternatives. I downloaded at least 6 different programs. All of them lacked the simplest feature (the only feature I need) the ability to import individual images and put them on a timeline. They turn the files into 30 second clips and fumbling around with them I couldn’t find a way in any of the programs to cut it down to individual frames. Disheartened I then tried other google searches.

I started searching for animation programs… Everyone of these seems to be focused on flash style animation directly in the program and not easily allowing for importing jpgs. I found one that seems really promising and like it allows for that called Animation Paper… but it isn’t available yet. It claimed a month ago that it was only weeks away from release, and I signed up for the beta but who knows when it actually will release.

I’m gunna keep searching, it is just really frustrating spending hours downloading program after program only to find that something that should be standard in ANY editing software isn’t available ANYWHERE. All I need is a timeline that allows me to edit frame by frame and allows at least 2 audio layers (though worst case I could edit the video and audio separately in different programs). Adobe was my preferred method back in the day but an annual subscription of 300$ is a bit much and I don’t like the idea of it being in the cloud instead of offline on my computer.

It’s crazy that a free gif maker called EZGIF is a more robust video editor for my needs than actual EDITING programs… The problem with that is the picture quality is shit because making gifs compresses it so badly…

Sorry for ranting its just its 7am and I’ve been searching since about 1am and still haven’t found anything. Gunna try to search for premiere pro alternatives and see if that maybe brings up some freeware ripoff like Abiword for Word and PaintN (think that was what it was called) for Photoshop back in the day.