Considering a Kickstarter.

I’ve done the math. it is taking like 10-20hrs to do a page. I’ve been working on a simple 2 panel page since about 1am last night. So far I’ve put about 10 hours into the page, about 2 more before it is done. I want this done before the end of the year and it is going to be over 100 pages. that is minimum 1000hrs over the next 7 months… Plus a full time job, plus Zoe. There just isn’t enough time.

I am going to try to do a Kickstarter to raise enough to quit my day job for 3-4 months to devote that 40hrs a week towards getting more pages done (1 a week with a job or 4-5 a week without one). I don’t know if I can raise enough to make this work. Was thinking of trying for 3.5k (3 for me and the rest would go towards the fees with Kickstarter and PayPal) that isn’t much to survive on currently I make about 1600 a month and still am drowning in debt. Living frugally I could maybe live on 1000 a month with still paying my bills and food. I could then go back to work there, though I’d have to start out back at the bottom instead of my current position as low end management.

I get between 500 and 800 visitors a day, but I doubt most would back a project for me as I am just a place they visit to see nudity and then move on to the next site. So even only asking for a small amount on Kickstarter I am not confident it would succeed… But gunna try. If it does succeed I will quit my job with a notice so I can go back down the line if the comic fails to find a publisher (it is going to be pretty extreme so the big guys probably won’t want to touch it with a ten foot poll).

heres all I got so far in 3 days of working on it.

this last page is unfinished. about 2 more hours to finish it.

So I was thinking that the Kickstarter would offer as a reward seeing pages as they are finished (this isn’t designed as a webcomic, it is something I hope to get published) but would be willing to show it as it forms to backers.

but what else could I offer is the question. maybe commissions. maybe draw you into the comic as a background character… still feel these aren’t enough to get the support I need for this.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? Anyone with experience with successful Kickstarters? the few I’ve done have been really amateur