So first off, The sponsus page is live as are the first 6 pages of I Love My Bully. If you like my stuff and want to show your support it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to those that have already become subscribers.

The animation is coming along. I am almost done turning everything into AVI video files that will allow me to import them into a video editor and start making the actual video. Should have the last bits turned into raw videos sometime tomorrow. Then will begin actually editing and syncing the video with sound and effects (the hardest part of the process).

Now on to the bad news. Throughout the animation I’ve done lots of loops and drawings that in hindsight didn’t feel up to snuff and were tossed aside. Things like the bottomless dance Zoe was doing (the first thing I showed like 4 or 5 months ago) were abandoned and better loops were made. As I start the editing process I am really unhappy with how the bukkake shots came out. They were already a second attempt after scrapping the first, and sadly I am going to have to scrap them as well. They just don’t look very good and it would take 20-100 hours to redo them again, and I am at a point where I just want to get this animation done and out for you guys. Scrapping that also means some of the dialogue will be scrapped which sucks because I quite liked the joke I wrote of Zoe calling a Bukkake a BUCK CAKE.

Good news. Outside of the bukkake stuff I am really happy at what I accomplished. I have a lot of loops that will be in the final animation.

Outside of the ones labeled “talk” they are all different views/positions that at least have nudity (most are either sex or blowjob shots except for a couple of her taking her close off etc).

Not sure how long till the animation is complete. Hoping by the end of the month, but I have Jury Duty next week and don’t know if I will get called in (though the local news just showed by meth head cousin as wanted… so if I get called in to be on her jury I at least can get excused for loudly pointing and exclaiming GUILTY!!!!!! GUILTYYY!!!!). Hoping to do VDSD again this year and want it to be something animated (though nothing on the scale of this animation, just a couple simple loops) and I want the animation done and out by then too as it is the single busiest day of the year for my site and want to make a good first impression on potential new readers.

In other tidbits… I got 2 more Zoe pages done (after tomorrows page I will have 3 in reserve). I am currently halfway done with the 11th ILMB page (want to have a solid buffer so that I don’t miss updates for sponsus subscribers). I also have started sketching some more VIXI stuff, though the last few sketches have been a bit underwhelming (I generally get the best results when I am in a groove and sometimes its best to wait till the mood is right rather than force things).

So for any that read this far here are some links.

sponsus where you can support the comic and see ILMB in return

Twitter where you can see lots of random stuff including some VIXI sketches and some of the Zoe animated gifs that will be in the animation.