In 2 months I’ve managed to get 3 pages done of Zoe, this isn’t really due to all the competing things like Shippon and Commissions, but instead because a bit of writers block and writing myself into a corner. I’ve come up with a way to get back on track.

This sex scene was an issue, wanted to jump ahead skipping a period that wouldn’t move the story forward with Zoe just worrying about being pregnant… but this scene makes the Caleb story arc much harder to do. So I’ve been wracking my brain and working at a snails pace trying to figure out how to fix the problem… This 4th page I’ve been working on has been sitting half finished for close to 3 weeks, and have finally figured out how to fix it.

There will be a break halfway that might make a few more porn desiring readers a bit peeved, but stick with it, I will work in some Abi and Damien stuff this way as well as a bit of stuff between Zoe and her grandpa.

I am just writing here to warn you guys that this sex scene will abruptly stop but good things are coming so please keep an open mind. It will also allow me to transition into the Caleb stuff as well as work towards introducing fan favorite characters like Rose and Audrey eventually.