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So found that there is an incest comics subreddit, tried plugging my comic but they auto deleted it because they say my Karma isn’t high enough to post (guessing they get a lot of prudes spamming them). So I am on reddit trying to raise my Karma to hopefully gain some readers from that subreddit (it has a ton of members… people too).

So I posted a response to someone looking for an idea to draw… I liked the suggestion I gave enough that I got to thinking WHY DON’T IIIII DRAW IT.

So I am considering making it a oneshot for the site, I don’t like locking things behind paywalls anymore (what fun is there in drawing something only a couple see), and the Kofi donations have really died off, so thought maybe I can invigorate it with some enticing brother sister incest.

Here is a sketch, A brother and sister go shopping but the brother forgot his face mask… So the sister gives him her panties, problem solved. The sketch above is the final panel I pitched on the forum, the sister will be saying something like “my panties will protect you from Corona… but this is the seafood dept, beware of crabs”.

I was thinking that if I get 100$ donation between now and the end of the month I will expand it beyond that joke and have actual incest sex, turning it into about a 5 page arc. 5pgs for 100$ from the community seems like a steal. And that money will also move that meter closer to you all getting a oneshot of Zoe eating herself out (plus if you haven’t donated yet it will also get you the Zoe motivational poster of her licking her own pussy).

I know money is tight in the world today, but if you like the idea and got a few dollars to chip in I’m sure everyone else will call you their HERO, you’ll definitely be mine.