First I am still planning on doing daily postings of old Zoe pages starting the first of the year. As you can see the art changed a great deal over the 4 and a half years that I have been doing Zoe as a webcomic. I have easily 500 total pages counting what is already on this site of Zoe stuff and thought posting it daily would give a nice incentive to get people visiting the site more often and hopefully becoming more involved.

So the main reason I am posting this now. I have been struggling with my plan of making more comics to diversify the site. I have been working on a new idea called Innocents lost ( a chastity club crashes on a deserted island) and don’t think it will be something I can keep my interest in even though I like the premise. It lacks a central character to get invested in telling their story.

So what I was thinking, instead of trying to get a second comic up and running I would instead use that time to make extra Zoe pages. Probably not 2 a week, but could probably do an extra page ever other week. So it would post every Thursday like it currently does and then an additional page every other Tuesday. This would help me get the story across a tiny bit faster which may help some of you that get frustrated when the story goes off on a tangent.

I am also considering some smaller things to help bring in new readers. One idea I had was I could make a tumblr site that would be more like my old comic Randomness, there I could post little scribbles of ideas that pop in my head. Not too familiar with Tumblr except as a better version of google image searching (great for sex references as I can find entire tumblrs about very specific things)

I want 2017 to be a year of growth for the comic. So any ideas that you guys have on how I can reach new readers, or get current readers more engaged in it please let me know. Your comments and views give me the push to keep at this even though it hasn’t succeeded in what I originally started it to do (hoped 1 year of doing comics and I would have a giant audience on which to kickstart my horror film project)

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back weekly to see the continuing story of Zoe.