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Got the page I was working on the past few days done a few hours ago and decided since you guys were so active today (about 3x the normal amount of comments on a new page). I would reward you guys with a dildo tease… then went a little overboard. Hope you guys like it.

This is my process.

I don’t like starting from scratch, it is stressful and gives me little anxiety panics, which makes the whole process much more time consuming because I am not motivated to have fun, instead it is work… So I try to start by searching out a reference of what it is I plan to draw, sometimes I find something that inspires me and changes my plans for pages, mostly just find something that eases the stress and lets me get things done. I usually either find something on SEX.COM, XVIDEOS.COM, or just try to Google fu it (though that is usually the hardest way to find something usable).

Once I got a reference I start sketching over it. I usually don’t use much from a reference (usually about 10-20% of the final image matches the image I used). The characters aren’t proportioned like real people so even if I wanted to cheat I can’t, keeps me mostly honest 😀

Once I am happy with the sketch I go and make it blue so it stands out, then draw lines over it. I use a pen called YETI INKER (if you are an artist, its a good digital pen, google it if want to try it, it’s a free pen). I set the opacity to 74% so it isn’t black and allows me to get a sketchy pencil look, as well as hides my rough lining. I can’t draw a smooth line to save my life (not good muscle memory or something) So I work around that by drawing a lot of tiny lines. In my old drawings you can see this much more as it is really obvious, as the years have passed I have gotten better at controlling it and the disconnect between a tablet and it appearing on a screen.

Once lines are done I do the colors. I just do simple flats, nothing fancy. I’ve messed around with gradients in the past but seldom use them, added one to the dildo to make it stand out a bit, but a lot of artists will gradient everything to get a more lively look (I’m too lazy for that and it takes skill to make it consistent).

After everything is colored I put a new layer and set it to multiply (instead of normal). This makes the layer sort of burn the new color over the old and darken it. I lower the opacity because I like softer shadows, and I usually make my shadows pink just because I think it looks cute. But technically a shadow should be the complimentary color from what it is on if you want to do it like a “pro”.

Every artist does things their own way and every recipe is right, this is my recipe. If you are an artist maybe you can find something useful in my formula.

And remember COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT, and have fun 😀