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May 26 New Zoe page

May 27 Zoe archive page, Panty Protection oneshot page

May 28 Zoe archive page

May 29 New Zoe Page

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Just finished The final page of the Zoe arc (last 2 will post this week). Then DILDO PARTY!!!

Starting the second page of the Panty Protection one shot, hope to have it done this weekend so I can get at least 2 Zoe pages drawn this week (hoping for 3).

Please consider supporting the comic with a Ko-fi donation. I am going to be hitting my 1 year since quitting my job on the 28th so anxiety is really high about the failures to make any progress this past year at making my dream of making a living as an artist a reality. Trying to really make it worth people’s while, but so far it is failing spectacularly.

Be sure to go to the homepage and check out the one shots, any day I get a donation I post a new sketch there of Harper (the girl pictured above). If you guys show the site some love Harper might very well become a character within the Zoe comic, eventually Zoe will start her senior year and I want to have a few classmates join the story this time around.