I know people may not be a huge fan of the darker stuff, and there is going to be quite a bit of Zoe being depressed till she can do a pregnancy test in 10 days. I am considering breaking up the sad Zoe stuff with something a lot more fun… Maybe.

If The site gets a lot more activity from the readers I will intersperse small arcs of Zoe and Abi self medicating with toys to cheer Zoe up and distract her from her possible pregnancy. No full on lesbian stuff yet but maybe some helping. The more you guys interact with the site the more I’ll do.

There is no firm donation/comment threshold to be reached, just want to use this as a motivator to get you guys more involved. So comment, comment, comment. Roughly I want to see more views and comments, donations too if you want (though I’ll just tally that as extra oomphs because I don’t want to hold the comic hostage, give if you want but it is… pages viewed (current average is 2000-3000 average) visitors (current average 450-700 a day) comments (current average about 8 per Zoe page, most archive pages 0 🙁 )

If I see these numbers up for the next 2 weeks I will do an arc after the next arc where Abi takes Zoe up to pick out some toys and together they try them all out in Abi’s room together (again no lesbian stuff yet, though Zoe is going to admit to herself that part of her wants to try with her mom like she did with Daisy). The arc will be at least 3 pages of toy action (probably a page setting up and winding it down too).

So visit more frequently, comment more frequently, and check out the archives and other areas of the site and in return I will take a break from depressed Zoe and have her get some old fashioned medicine (doctors used to finger fuck women to cure all sorts of things…)


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4/24 New Zoe page

4/27 Zoe archive page

4/28 New Zoe page

4/29 Zoe archive page

4/30 Zoe archive page

5/1 New Zoe page

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Am hard at work on the animation. This is what Zoe will look like, tweaked her character design a bit. Kept the big ears from the first animation, and gave her eyes that are a bit bigger (not quite as extreme as anime, more old Disney like).

If you want to be up to date on the progress of the animation be sure to check out my twitter. I treat twitter like a old Tumblr blog, you don’t have to deal with annoying musings and rants and other random crap people trash up their twitter with. I personally don’t get the whole social media thing, never had, guess I am too old to find the appeal. SOOOOOOOO, twitter is a second place for art for me. There are tons of drawings there, and now tons of gifs of Zoe (averaging 2 updates a day with new animated gifs). So if you aren’t a twitter guy like myself, give mine a look and if you like the content just make a dummy account to check out my stuff 😀


The last 2 pages of this arc are posting this upcoming week, I will need to start work on new pages as my buffer is quickly diminishing with these multiple postings (3 pages left in buffer atm), so at some point I am going to have to set the animation aside for a few days, but expect to have the opening scene fully done in hopefully 2-3 weeks. Not sure if I will hire a voice actress THEN, pro is the beginning is a fully finished project in its own right so even if I never got anything more done that would have value on its own, con is it would be a bit pricier and maybe I get her for the first scene and then a few months later she has a change of hearts about doing the project. I’ll mull it over.