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Would like to thank those that have donated to the site this past 24hrs from the bottom of my heart. I have gotten a bunch of donations from you guys totally 29$. Days like this give me hope that someday this could be a career for me. Also shameless plug, remember if it hits 100$ in a week I post a 3rd page of Zoe the following week :D.

Also if you liked the sketched animation, be sure to go to my twitter, I have been updating with progress reports a few times a day, already it has much more than what is shown on this weeks first Zoe page.


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For those of you at home and bored I thought I’d recommend some shows. No particular order (except organized by streaming service)


  1. DARK.
    Very good. German language. It is like a smarter Stranger Things without the humor and 80s nostalgia. Much better tonally and smarter. Minor spoiler, Time travel. Lots of time travel.
  2. Bojack Horseman.
    Very VERY good. I would rate it just behind Futurama as the best animated show. Tells the story of a washed up actor, who is a horse. Very nihilistic and very dark humor. VERY dark.
  3. Haunting of Hill House.
    VERY good. 10 hrs devoted to a family dealing with a haunting. Very character focused, not too focused on being scary. Sad. Well acted and well written. Follow a family at 2 different points in time as their lives are impacted by a mixture of a haunted house and mental illness.HULU:
    1. Futurama.
    They got all the episodes. Can never go wrong with the greatest animated show of all time. To this day I cry like a baby anytime I watch the episode Jurassic Bark.
    2. Castle Rock.
    Just started this one the other day. Might not deserve this list. Still can’t decide my feelings over the first season. I am not a Steven King fan, but if you are you might get more mileage out of this one. Story hooked me early but sort of fell apart at the end.
    3. Gravity Falls.
    It is like the kiddy version of Rick and Morty. If you like RandM you’ll be right at home here. Justin Roiland even does some voice work for it. For a Disney kid show it gets pretty dark in season 2 and has a satisfying story about a mystery around a small town that weird stuff happens in.

    1. The Boys.
    Very good. If Disney superhero stories aren’t mature enough for you the boys fills that niche nicely. It is the story of a group of normal people that try to murder superheroes because in this world superheroes are cocky assholes that have no worry over collateral damage and are above the law.
    2. Lots of rifftrax movies.
    Rifftrax is the best version of MST3K. Also if you’re up for torrenting they have a bunch of blockbusters like all the xmen, Harry Potter, and twilight movies to laugh along to.
    Not even close to being ready, but one day they will have The Wheel of Time, which if they don’t F it up will be the greatest show of all time. The books are amazing.
    1. Mandilorian.
    Really good, and what the movies should of been. Star Wars that feels the closest to the tone and look of the original trilogy by the guy who we have to thank for the MCU and for starting Vince Vauhns career.
    1. Kobra Kai.
    It is a sequel to Karate Kid. Far better than it has any right to be. On the surface it looks just like a bad saved by the bell type show with fighting added. Good writing and acting, and REALLY good fighting elevates it well beyond that.