April 12 Easter pic

April 13 Archive Zoe page

April 14 ZOE 4-3

April 15 Archive Zoe page

April 16 Archive Zoe page

April 17 ZOE 4-4


How do you guys like the look so far. Still have more to do but trying to clean things up. No longer will have random blog posts all the time. Will do 1 a week and if something comes up I may update the page to reflect it. From now on only comic pages will go up in the comic section (unless a temporary placeholder is needed). Things like special Holiday Drawings (like For easter) will be added down here in an update to the post. The post will also let people know what updates are happening the following week so you know what to look for.

Any links you may of had to old pages probably won’t work anymore, I wanted the site to be consistent so I went and renamed all the comics so they matched. All the comments are still intact luckily but if you have a link to particular pages it will probably say its a broken link or something.

Let me know if you got any suggestions for things that need a facelift or if you don’t like the colors of the site. Once I am done here I want to go to all the other subdomains and redo them too (I know the backgrounds are pretty jarring on some).