So, the poll is way to split for my liking. I don’t like the idea of pissing off half of you whichever way it goes. It has been back and forth between the Incest and the Caleb votes all day. So I am doubling down to hopefully lead to a clear victor.

Now instead of just Zoe incest with her uncle there will also be a bit of fooling around with her own mom. I picture it like this; Zoe, having gotten permission to fuck her uncle from her mom, enthusiastically kisses her on the mouth. This surprises Abi, but out of longing for anothers touch gives in and they start french kissing, then this leads to undressing and fondling eachother. I won’t have them have sex as I am saving Zoe’s first lesbian sex for Audrey but I will tease it and probably each will get a bit of fingering before Abi snaps out of it and the scene ends with them both having blue balls. They get dressed and Abi drives Zoe to her uncles and maybe as she is about to leave they share an intimate hug. Then Zoe has sex and Anal with her uncle. Might have Abi at home masturbating and thinking about Zoe that way can show some panels of them fucking without it actually happening.

Or Caleb fucking. This would be really really hardcore. The first time they fucked is a 5 and this will be an 11. Zoe will take his whole penis in her mouth causing her to throw up much more than before and like last time that will not be a deterent to Caleb, he will hold her face down in her own puke and slam his penis inside her. after cumming in her he will put it in her butt, him being so thick at the base it will be a lot of crying for Zoe but he will cum in her then shove it back in her mouth causing her to throw up a second time, but for the obvious other reason. We will then cut to Damien who is not happy with how things between them are and goes to her house to apologize. The door is answered by a naked Caleb, Zoe is on the floor crying. They tussle and Damien punches Caleb, Zoe comes to Caleb’s defense and says its ok. Caleb bends her over and starts fucking her there in front of Damien who is angry and confused, Zoe clearly is being hurt but what can he do if She refuses his help. Zoe is embarassingly looking to Damien but neither have an answer and then she moans with pleasure. Damien leaves.  Zoe goes to Damiens the following day to apologize and they end up fucking which is walked in by Rose.

So both options are taken to their extreme to hopefully get a more clear result. Double down on the incest or double down on the painful sex?

Incest or Caleb?
  • 70.4% - ( 302 votes )
  • 29.6% - ( 127 votes )

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