First, Wayne I got an email of your test message, but can’t log in on patreon as my account is completely gone and they won’t let me even access the bare bones if I was say supporting any other comics, which is a really dick move.

In Patreon news I will be posting the one shot in the VIP section in a few hours (got to find all the files and make jpg versions of the ones I haven’t yet).

Also ILMB is going well. I’ve been really getting into it and have managed almost a full page every day. Finished page 8 (the end of the first arc) earlier today and have a sketch done already for the start of the second arc and the introduction of Bailey into the story.

That’s the end of the first arc, won’t spoil why it’s his “best day ever” but I’m sure you can guess. I’ve done a bit more work on the animation (was missing backgrounds in a few of the gifs for the opening) still need an establishing shot of the exterior of the building to open things (which I should get drawn tomorrow) and probably will spend Christmas Eve starting the editing of the beginning. I’ve Got all the beginning stuff turned into video files for editing purposes.

Tuesday I will post a one shot and I should also manage the next measure page on Thursday so be sure to check back periodically. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.