Ok, so the next page is REALLY tricky. It is a montage of images showing Abi’s progression of a relationship with Tommy and Allen (Zoe’s dad). I’m trying to do it without any text just using images to exposit a very important but hard to delve into backstory. I’m struggling with how to show that Abi and Tommy were a couple and were sexually active as kids without drawing anything that could be sexual in nature (for obvious reasons).

Basically the page is a bunch of images, the central being Abi pregnant with Zoe and showing that Allen not Tommy is the father, and Tommy being rejected. I feel this is important to the story with what has happened and what is still to happen between Zoe Tommy and Abi. Tommy has been hurt in the worst way possible by Abi. She left him for his brother and had a kid with him. Later I’ll delve in their short lived relationship after Allen dies but for now the final panel will be her diving into Tommy’s arms at Allen’s funeral, with Zoe being abandoned to grieve for her father alone (as always said the backstory is pretty dark and Abi hasn’t been a model mother by any means).

So on the top of the page there is an innocent panel of Tommy and Abi as kids playing (roughly 6-7) that shows they’ve always been close.

The problem is with the second panel. I am trying to find a way to get clear that the friendship turned into something more, I am also trying to show Abi’s stomach to show it is prior to her pregnancy. I’ve tried many different scenarios and they all seem a bit too risque. I’ve drawn them in bathing suits kissing at the beach, as well as at a school dance kissing and the kissing is a problem. I am currently going the anime route and drawing them as anatomically incorrect mannequins asleep in bed together. This too feels a bit much but not sure how to approach the delicate subject of 2 12-13 year olds being in a sexual relationship without it feeling exploitative. I feel it is important to the flow of the page to show a blossoming relationship so that it gives context to the pregnancy panel but it is a fine line.

So any ideas on how to best approach it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been stuck on this panel all day and it is slowing progress down. I’m hoping to find a way forward so I can get the page done today and get moving onto the oneshot again but I am at a standstill currently


I chose to take Jolts advice and redrew the dancing panel, liked how it came out this time and think it gets the story across so that’s what I’m gunna use. Thanks Jolt for the advice