There will be a pretty explicit and graphic scene coming soon in Zoe so wanted to give everyone fair warning, also there will be some general spoilers as I map out the general direction the story will be taking (changing my original milestones in the plot a great deal). I will also have a separate part giving some updates on how I Love My Bully is coming along.


So originally I had planned to spend a great deal more time with the Zoe/Caleb Damien/Rose relationships. The comic takes a long time to get anywhere (a day realtime can take 30 pages/weeks to tell) so I am condensing/changing some things. Originally I had planned to have a scene with Rose getting a rose tattoo on her vagina with Damien there because she feels safe with him, that was going to blossom into a relationship, instead at the conclusion of the current comics night they will be getting together. Trying to not needlessly draw things out. I am also greatly condensing Zoe and Caleb’s relationship, where originally it was going to take almost a year of comic posts to play out.

that is what I want to address. To get across the things I want to get across I came up with a scenario, but it is pretty nasty. It will involve some minor puking during oral sex, there won’t be much detail/focus on it, enough that you could convince yourself that it was slobber but it will still be featured over the course of the arc after this one for about 4 pages (a month of posting). I’m not doing it to be disgusting, and puke is definitely not a fetish of mine (like feet and pregnant girls redheads asians glasses… but not puke/scat) nor one I wish to feature in the comic. But it is the most direct way to get across a lot of different things. After this nights arcs are finished then there will be an extended arc that will be chocked full of exposition dealing with Zoe and Damien and where they stand, as well as where they see themselves going.

Total I think the adjusted story will take 6 months to tell instead of about a year.



I am on page 6 so far and plan to be done with the 7 pages of the first week by the weekend. I think it is coming along nicely. The story will be very different than Zoe and the focus will be more on intimacy/consequence of their blossoming relationship. It will be more of a romantic drama than a comedy. I have occassional funny scenes/jokes planned by don’t expect it to be as self contained as Zoe’s format, many pages will bleed over without a climax. With Zoe I try to have a beginning/middle/end with every page. When possible I will still do that with ILMB but I will explore pages that might not feel as complete per page. That is why I am trying to do this comic as bi-weekly so it can get the story across in a quick enough fashion. I’ve never cared for the way of some comics having entire pages where it is a single panel of someone screaming “NOOOOO” or some such, and will try to avoid that, but can’t make any promises.