I like to first start by apologizing to my Patron’s for my spotty uploading of new oneshots. As I showed last month I’ve worked on a ton that I’ve yet to finish, with something like 6 or 7 in various stages of completedness. I worked a boatload on Friday getting a full oneshot sketched out, and will have the linework done by the end of the next weekend and I’ll post it on Patreon then, I hope to have the colors done by the end of the month but that might spill over into September.

As said the oneshot is fully sketched. It will be 6 pages long and features 3.5 pages of the girl, Amber, giving her doctor a blowjob during a checkup. I’m pretty happy with the art so far (the above is a sketch from the 3rd page) and shouldn’t encounter any hiccups along the way. The Ryu Sakura comic, previewed last month, I will try to get done along with the colored version of this for Septembers Patreon posting.

Also I am a bit behind on Zoe due to spending a day non stop working on this so all I have is the sketch so far. I will have it up this week but it might be later on Thursday before it posts. I have posted the sketch of the next Zoe on the sites VIP section as well. Thanks for all your patience and support.