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So I am going to try to do a bit more to entice people to support the site. As I finish up the commission for Msquared (will have it to you before I go to sleep tonight even if it means staying up all night). I am starting up the commission for T, and it is a subject near and dear to me, preggo Zoe. I’ve already offered to turn his 1pg commission into a 4 page story arc and thought maybe you guys might be interested enough in seeing it to toss some change my way 😀

This arc will be canon with the last iteration of the comic (the current one too, though WAYYY in Zoe’s future). If you want to see Zoe get proposed to by Damien and riding him hard reverse cowgirl style with a big ol’ pregnant belly then this will be the story for you. I will make it available in its planned form (of 4 pages) if 150 is given combined to the Kofi by the end of the month (that reimburses me for the extra 3 pages added to his idea). Now it is a little different, I want to see new people supporting (there are about 10 awesome people who have been making this possible up to now, and want to stop relying on their generosity) so along with the 150, there needs to be 10 donations at least that comes from people that has never donated to the Kofi before (it is only 3$, I know times are tight, but if you love the comic and have some to spare think of it as helping Damien afford the engagement ring he’ll give Zoe, you want Zoe to get a nice big ruby ring (red=blood, think she’d prefer that to a diamond as she isn’t a girl about material things)).

So please consider helping the site out, all this also goes towards extra Panty Protection pages (it would gain 3 additional pages to that story) and move the meter closer to the Zoe one shot of eating herself out. Plus donating gets you access to the VIP section where I post Zoe pages early.

Also if it reaches that 150 goal I will make a stretch goal and extend the story further like I am doing with the Pantry Protection one shot.