First, YAY 2020 IS OVER!

Second, YAY 2 of you get free commissions. Moneygrabber has already gotten in touch about his but Sal hasn’t, so Sal be sure to email me at benjaminwarden (at) rocketmail (dot) com when you have an idea what you’d like to see drawn.

Third, I am hoping to get a xrated game made this year for you guys. I have been trying to find someone to work on it with that can handle the game making part because all I am good for is the art part. Still looking for someone to make it with (just yesterday got a response on reddit that might lead to something).

Forth, Working on my aquarium

No water in it yet. I have to wait a week while I try to get some plant seeds to sprout not sure how they will come out, then filling it and putting in some cheap bettabulbs I bought and once those start growing then I will actually look about picking a fish/fishes for it.

Trying to make the right side a cave and some day want to see about getting a hill of plants growing behind and on top of it. The left is going to be little clover like plants in a “yard” with the bulbs behind it to hide the back wall a bit and wan to see about a few plants to hide the filter and all that will be put on the back glass to hide them.

Going to be a long project that I hope will help a bit with my anxiety and just be a calming activity when not drawing that still scratches that artistic itch.