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A little progress update on my game, it is coming along smoothly, but taking much longer than anticipated. Probably will take all year before it is REALLY done. though hope to get an early access version in a month or 2 on computers. It is going to be a turnbased game and these little gifs will play out when you attack or are attacked to add a little visual flair.

If curious about the gameplay check out this game¬†. As a kid I got it on one of those 100packs and was the only game I liked off it, so played it quite a lot. When was thinking what would be a good idea for a cell phone game I got to thinking that a more RPG version of that game’s mechanics would go well. Basically want to make a pick up and play turned based rpg that can beat a level in under 5 minutes, instead of hours. Something fun and easily understandable that has deeper gameplay than the average cell phone game while still being fast. The biggest difference between my game and Pirates Plunder is the presentation and story. Lot of detailed sprites so visually it looks like more than a freeware game, and a story that will hopefully have my corny sense of humor that you guys see in my comics (fighting for corny jokes with the programmer who doesn’t share my sense of humor).

Its slow going (only able to really set aside a day a week for it because of all the comics I am doing) but think it will be something people will enjoy once it is finished. If anyone happens to be a musician (especially in retro sega style music) and wants to be a part of the game be sure to let me know. I reached out to a youtube chiptune musician but he had too much on his plate at the time to even quote me a price for a song.

¬†main characters Duke Ford and his assistant Holly Day (Her name isn’t finalized as haven’t run it by the programmer and given him a chance to veto).

Let me know what you guys think, I’m hoping once the finished version comes to phones you’ll all give it a shot (the phone version will be free with ads, whereas I think the computer will have a 5$ cost, we haven’t settled on how and where it will be available on computers just yet).