Thanks to an anonymous fan I now have a pc as well as a game called Koikatsu. This isn’t an ordinary game, it lets you design characters and pose them in environments… Using this I plan to make a new comic in 3d called SamSon Investigations, the picture is of the main character Sam. It will be a sexy mystery comic about Sam and Jason, 2 intrepid school reporters, trying to get to the bottom of numerous school mysteries including ghost sightings and even a cult hiding amongst the student body.

still learning the program and Sam isn’t finished yet but this is what she will sort of look like. Been trying to learn the game by fumbling around so might update her once I know more about designing characters. The game doesn’t have any nose options besides the anime style points so had to make a clown nose attachement work by moving it halfway inside her face and changing the color to match her skintone. not a perfect fix but should be able to do some touchups outside the game to make it hopefully seamless.

Hoping to be ready to launch the comic in a month, and hope that it can be a 7 day a week comic so that there is always new content here to enjoy.

Once I am better at making these characters I also plan to make a 3d Zoe which I then can record little sexy animations of for you all as well.