A ton of new people have come over due to VDSD, even got 1100 visitors on Monday! Hope you guys like the comic. There are literally tons of pages here to check out.

There is my main comic Zoe, which has gone through a number of reboots and refreshes, with the current version having Zoe working as a pornstar. If you enjoy Zoe be sure to check out the Zoe archive which has over 400 more pages of Zoe, some dating all the way back to 2012. 10 years… jeez.

There is also old comics I did in the archives. UGH which is more about a gamer geek girl, and ILMB which is about a girl struggling with her feelings for a classmate.

There is also Shippon Girls which I never finished but might get a little enjoyment out of anyways.

Also on my homepage there are a number of oneshot comics available including a big one of Katara from Avatar.

If you really like the comics, maybe consider becoming a Sponsor and helping me keep making comics full time. There are a number of rewards for Sponsors. On Sponsus there is an old comic reboot of ILMB that goes for 40pgs. On the site there is also a number of VIP sections. There is the Zoe VIP which I post pages early in. There is Flashback which is where loli stuff (mostly commissions) goes and am currently making a new version of the Zoe comic that is loli. Then there is the VIPXXL which is where commissioned stuff goes, and there is over 100pgs of comics there.

If you REALLY like my stuff maybe consider commissioning me to draw something for you. I charge 50$ for a drawing with up to 2 people (a bit more for extra people) and 100$ for a full color comic page. I also give discounts for orders of 3 or more pages if you got a little story you’d like drawn up.

There is a lot to discover here, hope you check it out