they’ve been on my porch for about 3 hours so far. Gave them tons of treats. Think they’re lost. If still there tomorrow going door to door to find their home. Brother and sister, maybe 1.5-2yrs old. Really affectionate and very hungry. They ate a huge porkchop between them as well as a bowl of milk, and about half a plate of cat treats that my cat doesn’t like.

Yesterday I saved a similarly, but bigger cat, from a tree. Now I wonder if it was the mother, but these cats appear too familiar with people, and have really nice flea free coats for feral cats…

Any ways, just thought I’d post a pic of them to brighten everyones mood with 2 cute kitties.


well I tried to let the cats stay in separated from my cat (who hates all other cats and people besides me) in my computer room. I first locked my cat up in the bathroom then let the other 2 in. they were eager to come in and be petted. I then got them up stairs and into my computer room. Then went to replace the litter in the spare litter box so they had new litter that didn’t smell like my cat, one got out. My cat was out by this time and cornered the cat. I picked the cat up and carried it back up to the computer room. As I got to the top of the landing my cat pounced on the back of my leg and bearhugged it while she hissed things that I’ve never heard from her (reminded me of that NO NO NO cat in the tub with the noises coming from her). After that it was obvious these 2 couldn’t stay in for the night so I opened the door and shoved my cat in and called the other cat out who was eager to get away from my psycho acting cat… then I got them back out on the porch. they were so sad looking meowing at the door to come back in. But I don’t want my cat to do to them what it did to me…

Edit #2

Well I had hoped I wouldn’t need to, but looks like I’m gunna have to go to urgent care tomorrow and try to get antibiotics for my leg. It is sore and red on the back so must be infected. The back is where she got me the worst (bites instead of scratches).

This is going to cost me 100-120 that I don’t really have, seeing as my savings are down to about 2k and that is gunna need to last me till march hopefully, because I don’t want to rush and try to get a job during the holidays and then places like walmart put hiring freezes jan and feb, if not longer. There is a little local grocer I am on good terms with I might be able to get a job at but the pay is awful (8$ an hour). Hoping I can not need to go that route, still holding a slim hope that this comic will succeed eventually in making it something that can support me.

So if you want to help out 😀 it was my birthday today too. Anyone want to commission me to help cover the cost of this doctors visit feel free.

Also those cats have come back the last 2 nights. I am now thinking they don’t have a home and lived in my old garage which we pulled down a few weeks ago. There were tons of wild animals living in it including a whole family of groundhogs, and had seem many cats come and go over the past year. So I bought a 30gal tote and made a hole in one side and filled it with soft blankets so they can get warm and have been feeding them. My current hope is a month of them on the porch and my cat seeing them from the window and from the other side of the screen door might make her comfortable enough to let them in. They are such nice little cats and I’d hate to send them to the pound and I’m afraid that if I try to find a home for them online either they won’t want to leave (they seem to really like my yard) or they would get separated, and these to cats seem very inseparable.

Edit #3

Don’t think it is bad enough to see a doctor now. Woke up and it was far less red, and it isn’t hurting to put weight on it. Last night I soaked it and scrubbed away at the scabs with a washcloth and reapplied neosporin, and that seems to have gotten rid of the infection. or at least greatly diminished it.

Cats are still on the porch and in the daylight this time (only have been here at night before). Now that I get a good look at them in the daylight it is obvious they are actually both male cats and not sister and brother like I first assumed based on their sizes. Still as affectionate as ever and had to stop one trying to run into the house past me when I was leaving to go vote. VOTE people, I’m not gunna tell you how to vote, but vote. I was number 139 at my voting place 😀

Anyways. I’m doing good so the plea for commissions isn’t necessary (unless you want to commission me 😀 ).