As most of you know I have a Sponsus for paid extra content, for the past year have been doing a weekly Gravity Falls comic (currently around 46 pages long) the first chapter of which is now available on Gumroad for only 5$ (first 33 pages). It is formatted into an ebook for easy reading and so you can keep it with you.

I was recently sued for a old medical bill from 2020 when I had that week of unending vertigo. I had to be catscanned and that cost 3k which I couldn’t pay, eventually they stopped pestering me so thought was in the clear, but about 2 weeks ago I had a guy on my doorstop handing me a letter that I was being sued in court. Family has been kind enough to loan me the amount needed to pay it off and avoid court but it is just a loan and am trying to pay them back within the next year.

If you want to support me and help me through this there is no easier way than by buying the ebook. If you already are a Sponsor, save your money, I’ve included it in the Gravity Falls section at no additional cost (though it is a pdf there, just contact me if you’d rather an epub file (wordpress doesn’t allow them)).