As said I was exaggerating bodily fluids… looks like she fit an ACTUAL cream pie in there, Hehe.

So this ends the first arc, I won’t be posting the start of the next arc next week, instead I will be posting the finished look at the Calie Cadaver gif in celebration of Halloween. I will then start up arc 2 the following week. During this time I am going to clean up the site a great deal and purge all the old pages. I have enough here of the reboot now to where the site won’t look bare but want people able to jump in and start here to see the story unfold. I will clean up the VIP section and make sure all the stuff is backed up there for Patrons, meanwhile I will be adding all the finished Oneshots to this sites homepage as a big thank you to all of you guys for sticking with the comic. 2 are already on the homepage but there are a bunch that have been locked away to patrons for the past few years. Should have them all up next week along with the Calie gif.