So I know its been forever, but here is the first page of the second Zoe arc. Hope you guys like it.

I have come up with an idea for a short animation for Valentines that hope I can get done in time. It won’t be nearly as monumental than the main animation. This one will have some talking (need to work on that and found some guides on mouth movements for different sounds) and 1 or 2 main POV missionary loops. Won’t be huge but think people will get a kick out of it, and hope to be able to get the same voice actress to do this one too.

The first animation is about ready to begin editing. I want to turn the piledriver animation into raw files so I can go and re edit that part instead of using the already edited stuff of the girl walking in on them. After that I need to do an establishing shot of the outside of the building with a sign or something to make it clear that she is at a therapist office, and a final still shot of her reacting to cumming, don’t think I will need a loop of that because I am going to make it start fading to white right away. Think those things should be done this weekend along with some starting stuff for the next animation, and gunna try to get the editing done or at least tackle a bunch of it next week.

Lastly, I looked into getting money for it on porn sites. I looked at Xvideos, and it seems possible to get money from views like youtube, but not much. Looking at online estimations, 1mil views equals about 500$, which would probably take 3 or 4 years for the video to get that many views even if its a hit… So looks like sponsus donations are really the only way forward to try to make a living doing this. Speaking of 😀 Did you know I have a sponsus page!!! By donating you get access to an exclusive reboot of I Love My Bully!