For those of you who want some fun spanking 😀

There is a new I Love My Bully Page up on Sponsus, so if you’re a Sponsor be sure to check it out.

I put some old archives up, Will update the Zoe one in a week or 2 once I figure out the schedule and redo the site design a bit. But if you are looking for more comics (and are ok with rougher art) be sure to check them out. There is Zoe going back 8 years and includes the whole first draft of the comic series as well as a bunch of other stuff.

If the 2 archives get a combined 500 comments over the next week I will do something special. Thinking I could do a gif of Zoe eating her mom out as a reward. I’ll only count real comments though so no 1… 2… 3… 500 😉