After a month, Zoe is back! I moved the Oneshot of her eating herself out to the homepage so if you are mad its gone, it isn’t far (and if you haven’t checked out my homepage be sure to do so as there are a bunch of oneshots there). I will also be posting the old oneshot of the girl getting impregnated by her brother’s friend in a few days (once the Kickstarter officially ends). Even though it is a success already, you can still donate to the Kickstarter if you want to show the site some love. There is like 3 days left, and I am down to the last girls pinups and hope to have them done by the time the Kickstarter ends, so if you’d like to see the pinups of the Shippon girls be sure to pledge :D. And also be sure to go to the newly created Shippon area of the site, the first 2 pages of the comic are up and new pages will go up every Tuesday.

So if you checked the cover page I posted shortly before this, I am calling this the start of Chapter 2. The first chapter was about Zoe’s deflowering and sexual exploits on her 18th birthday, ending with her mom stepping up to save the day. This second chapter will be about Zoe and Damien growing apart and her wanting more than he is offering. It will end with the very divisive scene between Zoe and Caleb. I lost many readers 5 years ago when I first had Zoe hook up with Caleb (about 30-40% of my readership at the time I suspect) but I think it shouldn’t be as much of an issue this time as I am pretty sure most of you guys started reading after that and are well aware of the night they spend together. It will take a long while to get there, especially now that I am going to be posting only 1 page a week, but There are a lot of fun pages in store for you all.