I am making this to put into context the journey so far. I’ve chosen to include the purged first 12 arcs that are still canon even though I don’t really consider them still part of the story being told. Thematically they don’t really do anything for the story I am trying to tell and were a half step into the direction that the story now takes. Prior to it I told a version of this story that was without conflict for Zoe and really shows more the way SHE looks at the world without giving hints that things aren’t all peachy. The stories for the most part were very PG rated and were more centered around the vampire persona that Zoe has taken on.

These omitted arcs started the trend of showing the drama and conflict both internally and externally around Zoe, but I still played it safe and didn’t really move the story anywhere beyond showing a “will they won’t they” between Zoe and Damien and felt it came off as a bit low stakes and muddled on Z0e’s character development. I include their synopsis here to show the lead in to where the story really starts, the introduction to others vying for Zoe’s affections, namely Caleb’s introduction.

Zoe Reborn arc 1 (July 1st)

We are introduced to Zoe waking from a sleep around midnight. She claims to be an immortal vampire who has lived the equivalent of 100 lifetimes. She is numb to feelings, in fact she feels nothing, wait no she feels one thing, hunger… She leaves in search of a victim recounting the taste of blood with a joyous look. Off in a field she sees a person sitting unawares. “He will do”, she says and attacks from behind. She bites his neck in a clearly sexual way while her ill fitting panties show enough to excite Damien, the “victim”. It turns out Zoe is an unreliable narrator, she is not a vampire at all. The fangs are nothing more than a plastic Halloween novelty. In response to Damien asking her why, she responds that his blood is her favorite. We leave the arc with Zoe straddling his lap.


Though never explicitly stated in the comic, July 1st is Zoe’s 18th birthday. In the original version there was a year attached but since I no longer tell the story in realtime assigning a calendar year to the story would just cause issues. As you’ll see it takes months to years just to cover the span of a day in the story. In the original I drew roughly 9 months of comics to cover from July 1st to sometime in February where I ended the first comic’s story in realtime.

This was a more sexualized version of the original, as the sexual undertones were not explicitly expressed in the story.

I first drew this arc way back in 2008 as the first story I came up with for Zoe, back then there was quite a lot different for the journey and it, for the most part, was much more innocent. Originally there was going to be a focus on a rival for Zoe’s affections in the form of a local punk singer as the two of them were going to be in a second story about a punk band that would crossover with this. Back then I had thought up Zoe as something to pitch towards anime and manga fans, and the original story came about while developing a story to submit to a manga drawing competition. Zoe was inspired by the last anime I purchased before losing interest in watching anime The Melancholy of Harumi Suzumia (probably spelled wrong but don’t care enough to google it…) and The punk story was going to be sort of like the one anime I at the time still LIKED, Beck. The Zoe story took from the anime a premise of a “weird” girl with quirks and the bland guy that is her tagalong (if it resembles the anime in any more ways than that it is entirely coincidental as I only ever watched the first episode even though the collector in me bought like 2 or 3 of the box sets) As said I lost interest in anime at the same time I bought those…

Zoe Reborn arc 2 (July 1st)

In this arc we start where we left off last time, but rain comes to spoil the party. The two of them rush back to Damien’s to escape the rain. Soaking wet she decides to change into other clothes, She tells him to turn around and not to peak then proceeds to peak at him changing. Damien’s walls are covered with B movie posters and Zoe confronts him about none of them being of vampires. He corrects her saying one is, and points to a photo of her. Showing he is willing to play into her persona.


Because I was still skirting the idea of having a comic that featured regular nudity I censored Damien’s penis as well as strategically hid Zoe’s vagina on the site allowing those in the VIP section of the time to see the uncensored version.

This arc was never a part of any previous version and was added to better transition the timeline between that night and the following day.

Zoe Reborn arc 3 (July 2nd)

It is the following morning and the two of them are in Damien’s backyard. Damien is lounging around expositing about Their friendship. We learn that they have been best friends since the 1st grade and that she has had this vampire persona for the past two years. Damien is not sure what he brings to the table for her and has some self esteem issues. Zoe’s mind is a closed book to him. While he is in doubt about his worth to her she is off doing something. Throughout the past few pages Zoe has been gathering random things and climbing a tree. Damien goes to investigate only to find himself in a rope trap hanging upside down from a tree. Zoe says it is her trap to catch victims. Damien explains the flaw in design of placing it in HIS backyard. She responds that it caught him, so success. Hanging upside down he gets his first closeup look at Zoe’s vagina as she has a pair of his baggy pants on and is going commando. The arc ends with Zoe going in for what appears to be an intimate kiss only to twist his head to the side for a snack instead.


This was the second arc all the way back to the original 2008 sketches, though the fanservice was new to this version. Also new to this version was the inclusion of Damien’s dog, which clearly existed in the earlier versions as Zoe uses the corkscrew dog chain thingy in her trap.

Zoe Reborn arc 4 (July 2nd)

We pick up where we were left in the last arc, Zoe asks Damien over to stay the night. Her near nudity a siren call to Damien, with the pants sagging far past decency showing her shaved front clearly to Damien. As a disarming aside she says she needs to go home and shower and change into something that “doesn’t give me massive plumber butt”. We cut to Zoe entering her own home stripping while walking across the Kitchen. Abi is there and asks where she has been all night. Zoe tells her she was stuck in the rain and stayed at Damien’s. As Zoe leaves for the shower Abi inspects the clothing, putting 2 and 2 together about it being Damien’s clothes she was wearing.


Though I do these comics in my own version of vignettes, short self contained stories, I do try to make them follow a basic continuation between arcs. This arc was made new to this version simply to transition from Zoe at Damien’s to Damien at Zoe’s.

At only 2 pages this is the shortest arc I have ever done. I used this arc to establish 2 things; Zoe is a bit of a nudist, and Abi assumes Zoe had sex with Damien.

Zoe Reborn arc 5 (July 2nd)

It is now later that night and Zoe has Damien in tow and tells her mom that he is staying over. Abi fishes out a condom from her purse and gives it to Zoe, who is extremely embarrassed. Abi gives the go ahead to Damien. Zoe, blushing furiously out of embarrassment, runs off to her room. Abi jokingly says that she must be really eager, and goads Damien to go after her with a little chuckle. Up in Zoe’s room she tells Damien that her purpose for inviting him was for movies, not sex. To confuse Damien to no end she follows that statement up by stripping down to a sliver of a pink thong. She reminds him that they are staying on tonight and gets into bed. He starts stripping down as well and she tells him to hurry and stop starring at her butt as the vampire movie marathon is about to start.  Damien asks how long this marathon is and she says till 6am. Damien says he can’t stay up that long. Zoe begs him to try and climbs on him lap. While grinding a bit she says if he successfully stays up till the end, he has a boner btw but no pun intended, she will GIVE him that condom. She then proceeds to slide it into the front of her thong for safe keeping. We cut to 6am, he is still up and eager for his reward. Zoe says a deals a deal and hands him the condom, kisses his cheek, and lays down going asleep. Damien has been bamboozled.


This was one of the first story ideas I ever had way back in 2008 but never drew it back then as I didn’t ever foresee the comic going down this adult path.

I drew this comic around the same time I started the webcomics first version back in 2012 and posted the first version of this on a porn site to advertise the, then, PG content on my site.

This comic was the introduction of Abi in the comic long before she was introduced on the site, which didn’t happen to 2/3 of the way through with them visiting Uncle Tommy.

Zoe Reborn arc 6 (July 3rd)

The story picks up the following morning with Zoe waking in bed beside Damien. In a very out of character move by Zoe she apologizes for leading him on the previous night. She asks if given the chance would he really have had sex with her? He is clearly trying to formulate an answer that won’t get him into trouble and at a loss for words. Zoe’s playful facade drops and in one of the few instances of being very level she explains herself. She says she is sorry, that she has conflicting feelings for him. That at times she wants nothing more than to “pounce” on him but he is her best friend and she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. That she feels safe allowing herself to tease him a bit and flirt knowing he won’t take advantage. She again apologizes for leading him on and promises that tonight she will do something to make it up to him, being a bit cryptic more due to not knowing herself exactly how far she is going to go with him. She asks him to leave for a few hours so she can get cleaned up. We then cut to Zoe shaving in the bathroom with Abi entering. Abi asks how things went with Damien, implying she believes they had sex. Zoe responds that they are just friends and that she is unsure really what it is she wants. Abi seems a bit disappointed, she clearly approves of a relationship between the 2 of them, almost like a spectator hoping 2 characters get together… Abi asks if she has no plans with him why bother shaving her vagina. Zoe retorts with why wear sexy lingerie? Which Abi is currently doing. Abi says “touche” and leaves. This sparks a impulsive decision within Zoe and she grabs her cellphone and snaps a closeup of her vagina and sends it to Damien.


This is another arc that was new to this version. I did it to show the conflicting views on Damien that Zoe holds. That she is wanting more but afraid of destroying what they have. I wanted to show how Zoe is impulsive and not completely sure of her own desires at this point, but they are awakening.

Zoe Reborn arc 7 (July 3rd)

We pick up later that day, Zoe on the side of a road regretting her impulsive side with sending that selfie to Damien. While looking down the front of her own pants at herself Damien surprises her from behind. Zoe is very flustered. Damien asks what it was supposed to be that she sent him and shows her a completely out of focus blur that was her selfie. Zoe is relieved and with that out of the way she invites Damien into the woods beside the road where it is more secluded. Zoe reminds Damien that she owes him a “consolation prize” for last night. He says “you’re just gunna bite me” She says of course, but it will be more fun without any pants and they both get naked. Zoe nervously grabs his penis for the first time. an starts to position herself on his lap but before their genitals can get acquainted a pussy interrupts. Zoe, being a bit ADD jumps off and greets the kitty leaving Damien with blue balls and jealous of the attention being doted on her new feline friend. She decides to keep the cat and tells Damien they will pick up where they were back at her place. Zoe christens the kitty Mr. Kitty and says he will be her Familiar. Damien a bit moody still says the cat will never follow her commands. She responds that yes he will, and so will Damien as she demands he gets undressed.


This version is very different from the original version I created back in earlier forms of the comic, with the near sex being completely new to it. This arc was my attempt to show Zoe being all over the place and show that even she wasn’t completely sure what she would do next. That her hormones are dueling with her brain and the hormones are winning.

Mr. Kitty was loosely inspired by Sabrina the Teenage witch and Hocus Pocus two things I watched quite a bit as a young child. He has never really been front and center in the comic as I find it hard to work him in as more than just a background set dressing.

Zoe Reborn arc 8 (July 3rd)

Picking up right where we left off Zoe is explaining to Damien that it is going to be a 1 time thing and they aren’t having sex, just oral. She sucks him and we can only guess how much pent up cum Damien shot out as Zoe swallows it all. She then laments that blood tastes better. As this is a give/take Damien returns the favor and eats Zoe out. Zoe is a screamer and all the way downstairs Abi, who is in nothing but a bathrobe, overhears the earth shattering orgasm that Damien just gave Zoe. Afterwards the two of them have an intimate hug and Zoe says she is hungry and wants his blood. As she climbs on his lap his still hard penis prods her vagina. Zoe slides down a bit instead of trying to adjust his penis out of the way and Damien, she says only the tip, as the hair trigger is sprung and Zoe is left with an accidental creampie. Realizing what just happened Zoe screams at the top of her lungs in fright. Abi, hearing a scream from her daughter that clearly doesn’t sound like it is coming from a place of pleasure, rushes upstairs to intervene. Abi asks what is wrong, and accusingly Zoe responds “HE came in me!”


Another ark new to this version, Originally I intended to follow the first version of Zoe pretty closely but with fanservice added. Out of the first 8 arcs only 2.5 could really be considered retooled arcs, the rest being wholly original. The story really started to deviate at this point and changed the biggest point of the original. Originally they don’t get together till the following spring and don’t have sex till the start of summer, which results in a pregnancy. It was pretty clear that a story that centered around a girls building sexual side couldn’t work if it took 600 pages before she started to actually have sex so around this time I started thinking about how I would proceed if sex became a story element before the end, This helped me better define what the actual end would be (which was always a bit of a fuzzy point prior to this). If the story isn’t building to sex that means it better can flow into the eventual sequel which was Zoe Reborn and dealt with her pregnancy and becoming a mother. So with this change it meant that it made sense to include others into the story that the characters dated. Rose for Damien and a whole host of characters for Zoe, starting with Caleb and eventually leading into short relationships with others.

Zoe Reborn arc 9 (July 3rd-cuts to July 8th)

We pick up about 30 minutes later, Damien has left and Zoe is freaking out to her mom about what happened. Zoe is afraid that she will get pregnant from this and laments that in her mind she didn’t even get to have sex but might be pregnant. Zoe wants to take a pregnancy test and Abi tells her it will take about 10 days before it would have an accurate reading, that she needs to not let this get her down and live life to its fullest. Zoe responds that she is gunna go sulk in the corner.

We cut to 5 days later with Zoe sulking naked next to a window watching a thunderstorm. Mr. Kitty is beside her meowing, wanting outside. Zoe tells him it is “miserable out there, it’s miserable in here too”. She opens the door for the cat who, when lightning strikes, cowers between Zoe’s naked legs. Zoe calls him a “fraidy cat”.  Abi sees a sad Zoe standing there nude and tells her to stop moping and go see Damien, that he is probably freaking out too. Zoe heads off for Damien’s and While Abi tells herself “5 more miles”, not directly stated in the comic but Abi is trying to get herself in better shape hoping it will help her win back Tommy.


With this arc I was attempting 2 things to varied success. First I was trying to show Zoe’s definition is different than traditionally. Having Damien’s penis in her isn’t considered sex to her, which I go into more detail in a future arc. Also it was an attempt to show a side of Zoe that she hides, the scared/ depressed Zoe that lingers beneath her Vampire Persona.

Zoe Reborn arc 10 (July 8th)

We cut to Zoe at Damiens, both sitting on his bed. Zoe is wearing like 4 layers of clothing. Damien says he has missed her, and Zoe apologizes for ignoring his phone calls for the past 5 days. That she is sorry for being “wishy washy”, that she likes, possibly even loves, him. She isn’t ready for what comes with a relationship with Damien, and asks if they can be “just” friends. He accepts that but asks isn’t she hot in all of that clothing (it is the middle of July after all). She responds “You’re lucky I didn’t come in a hazmat suit”. Then in typical impulsive Zoe fashion she kisses his cheek saying she missed him, then climbs on is lap. She says she needs to be distracted from the potential “Demon seed he might of put in her”, and Damien suggests a vampire movie.

While watching the movie, with her on his lap, she comments that he is “poking her”, she tries to adjust herself but when that doesn’t work she takes her and his pants down. Zoe says, “I’m ok with him knocking on my door but I’m not inviting him in”. She goes on to make more puns about inviting him in but he made a mess last time and as her pants are lowered further she notices pubic hair from 5 days without shaving and freaks out feeling self conscious. He asks what is wrong and she says that the “show must be cancelled”. Damien doesn’t understand but says ok and starts to get dressed. Liking him naked she selfishly says that HIS show isn’t cancelled and makes him remain naked while she gets dressed.


I have always looked at it like this. Damien is what Zoe wants, but she wants to experience more, to get with him NOW means she either has to cheat on him or deny herself those experiences. She has made him forbidden fruit, which only tantalizes her further.

I have also tried to equate shaved Zoe with Zoe that is further invested in her persona and when she lets that slip (like once she becomes a mother) she allows her pubes to come back. I think of it like a vampire is never changing and like a porcelain sculpture and that red bush is growing and changing and ruining the illusion for Zoe.

Zoe Reborn arc 11 (July 14th)

We pick up on Zoe on the toilet learning the outcome of her pregnancy test. She lucks out and isn’t pregnant. We then cut to later that evening and Damien has come by to learn whether he knocked Zoe up. Zoe leads him on a bit but then lifts her shirt revealing, written with marker on her belly, “Not Preggers”. Zoe then says she wants to “Celebrate by not being Celebate”, but cautions against cumming in her. As Damien is sliding his penis in Zoe’s, thick bushed, vagina Abi walks in on them. She apologizes ( she is really all for team Zomien) and says she was wondering if they wanted to go to dinner to celebrate. Damien is now flaccid and they decide to go, though Zoe offers to suck him or let him do her in the butt first if he wants. We learn Abi isn’t brave enough for anal, and the arc finishes with Zoe proclaiming she’ll try anything TWICE.