So I have an idea but it would be a big deviation to what the Zoe comic usually is…

As I said a few times, I am going to be breaking up Zoe and Damien at the end of this arc, been trying to since the start of the last arc but couldn’t figure out a good way to do it without destroying the characters and pissing people off :D. I know how I am going to do it and I think it makes their friendship salvageable without making either character come off too much the asshole, but that isn’t what this poll is about.

Audrey is going to be introduced this arc, and much like in the last version of the comic Zoe and Damien will get into an argument because Zoe is trying to push for a 3way (no threeway, at least between them coming anytime soon).

So what the poll question is, Damien and Audrey, thoughts? I was thinking of having him date Audrey for a bit before Rose. In the grand scheme of things it would only be for like 2 arcs, but in the time to post those… Looking at a year of comics of Damien being with Audrey.

During the time broken up Zoe will be with lots of guys (both of the porn store employees as well as Caleb and her uncle) But With having Damien’s main chunk of time being with Audrey I could work in story elements from the old UGH! and Audrey Adventures into this reboot. My goal while they are broken up is to rework a lot of EARLY ZOE stuff from back before it was a porn comic (things like them camping and hiding from a bear (which is one of my favorites).

So the question is. Should I expand on Audrey’s role. Do you want a bunch of pages that would basically be starring her. If you have no idea who I am talking about there is an archive of her comics here.


So answer yes or no if you’re open to Audrey becoming a major character in 2021 in the Zoe comic and dating Damien.

Audrey in Zoe?