as the George Lucas meme goes, “It’s like poetry. It rhymes.” 18 years to the day apart both of them are in the tub together, but with very different context.

Now the plea for donations.

Please consider supporting the site on Kofi. 3$ goes a long way, both in the tangible way of helping me cover the cost of eating and buying the fanciest of feasts and tenderest of vittles for my cat, and also as an emotional pick me up in these troubled times.

There is a lot that you gain by supporting the site. The meter on the side is slowly filling and as it hits certain thresholds more things unlock. Currently the donations received has turned Panty Protection into an 8pg comic instead of a 3 (and is only 20$ shy of another page). They have also opened up the Jordan Triple penetration one shot on the homepage. If only 120 more dollars are reached by the end of the month everyone gets to see the PREGNANT ZOE one shot, and msquared has pledged to match the first 50$ raised so really the rest of you only need to collectively foot the other 70$ to make that happen, that all also pushes that meter towards other great content like Jordan getting fisted by both Zoe and Abi at the same time and Zoe licking her own vagina. There is also the extra little thank you to donators, those that donate get access to my VIP section where I post pages before they go live on the site, and also do a monthly little drawing that will be exclusive for a few months before everyone else gets to see it. Lots of goodies, and for 3$ you can be a part of making it happen. Kofi explains it like buying me a cup of coffee, but I don’t drink coffee, I love pizza though, so think of it more like going “hey I like his drawings I’m gunna get that guy a belly full of pizza to say thank you”.

I have 1 more day of watching my nephews so am still behind a bit on drawing. I should have Tuesdays Zoe page up tomorrow afternoon or night at latest in the VIP section. Currently it is fully lined and about 20% colored. Might get it done tonight, but have to go to bed soon because my nephews are up by 9am (which is usually around the time I go to bed…). I am hoping to get the pregnant Zoe commission done this weekend (Monday at latest). Monday I will work on Panty Protection, Tuesday will do next Friday’s Zoe, Wednesday I hope to get a page done of the Batty and Aluc one shot commission, then another Zoe page, and then will spend next weekend finishing that one shot, by then I will be free for anyone else that wants to commission me 😀 (msquared will be added to that queue too, but I’m always open for business).