As you may have heard, I am making a new comic. It won’t completely replace Zoe but I do want to focus on it as my main comic going forward (Zoe will probably drop to 1 pg a week). I am trying to make it the best comic I can, I need it to succeed. I want it to look as good as possible and eventually print it, but there are some questions that I think getting feedback will help me choose wisely…

I want it to update mult days a week. Color takes time, but looks nicer… If I colored it I definitely couldn’t handle more than 2 pages a week, in b/w I think I could do 3, maybe even 4.

I am on the fence about it being xrated. I want this to get a lot more readers than Zoe which seems to hit a wall at about 600-700 viewers a day. I can’t seem to grow beyond that. Shippon girls will do away with a lot of the taboo stuff (no incest or extreme sex) as well as do away with corny puns and big noses. Instead I am trying to remember back to the animes I watched in my teens and twenties and use that as a sort of base to build off of. Anime and manga are popular and hoping by inching my style a bit closer to that it will appeal to more people. I am considering making it publicly R rated (lots of nudity but no porn) and having porn in a gated version that would be like 2$ a month to access on Sponsus (I’d do it 1$ but honestly it is worthless to give someone 1$ because paypal takes 30cents plus 5% regardless of amount, plus sponsus takes another 5% so pre tax a 1$ donation nets a person 60 cents…) I think by not having porn but just anime style echhi stuff in the public comic it could be more popular as well as allows me to advertise the comic in many more places, being labeled porn immediately closes most doors.

Please answer the polls, I couldn’t make them separate questions without paying the poll widget so think of each set of 2 as a yes/no. So 1,2 3,4 5,6… you get it, you’re smart 😀

Answering will help me steer this in a direction that will hopefully retain all of your interest, want to get more popular not alienate you awesome folks. And please consider supporting my Kickstarter (once I can remember my password to log in and make it…)

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