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So comments have been great and I am going forward with the strap on arc (there will be 8pgs in the current arc, have them all sketched and am in the coloring phase of page 6 before that arc starts).

I want to try something to get the visits and views up… So am gunna try Topwebcomics. I’ve never had much success with them in the past because it takes TONS of votes to get seen (like 2000 to have a chance of being high up on the list of 100 top comics). So I am going to give it a shot and see if 1. can get enough votes to matter and 2. whether that brings any new traffic or not.

So please if you like this comic click the little Topwebcomic button on the left side of the site and vote. I believe you can vote daily… The month is already 1/3rd done so it will be a tall order but I will reward your support. I am currently working on a vote incentive (will try to have it done and up there for voters by Tuesday night). It will be a wallpaper of all my female characters…

Zoe, Abi, Daisy, Audrey, Rose, Kali… Then gunna fit as many of my other girl characters as possible like Jordan, Bailey and as many of the girls from my one shots as I can fit in the pic. They will all be using a public shower together naked.

If Zoe gets 2000 votes by the end of the month I will also do a more sexually explicit drawing for everyone on the site to enjoy of all the girls, maybe a big makeout session in the shower… not sure yet.

So please show the site some love and vote each day. There is no way the site could ever make it to the top of the list, but if I get 2000 I will maybe reach number 30 or so and that might be high enough to get a little notice.


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So the comments have been up a lot, and have seen some faces that don’t regularly comment. Numbers are pretty unchanged but I’ll let that slide. Comments is what I really wanted to see and what is in your guys control to do. Thank you all for your comments, and your visits too.

I’ve decided to go ahead and make an arc with them together, complete with strap on sex. I still hope you guys will continue showing the site some love. There are literally about 1000 of you that have never commented but visit this site, I’d love to hear from you all 🙂

I’ve decided to ease into it and am changing the direction and tone of the last 2 pages of this arc. Now Abi is going to try to educate Zoe a bit about the importance of foreplay and intimacy instead of before where Zoe was super depressed and Abi decided to set her up with a therapist she met (that will still happen but after the strap on arc).

I’m working on a Zoe page now, but am jumping between that and messing around with the VIXI graphic novel. Gunna try to get a rough sketch of various scenes each day that eventually can be compiled into a comic. Seems easier than getting hung up on a particular drawing that is giving me trouble.

I’m gunna post most to Twitter so if you like dark noir art be sure to go check it out on my Twitter. Taking a break from the animation as I don’t know how long before my drive dries up on VIXI again, gunna try to get as much as I can on it done before I burn myself out. I’ll return to the animation at some point. I also am going to try to get 3 Zoe pages a week done, don’t think I will increase to 3 a week as I don’t think I could reliably keep that pace, but want a big buffer for the future. Got 3 pages in a buffer and a 4th sketched at the moment.