My rough goal with Zoe is to have her sow her oats with other guys, such as Caleb, her uncle and the Mormons, as well as introduce into the story Audrey, Rose, and possibly Kali and twin brothers. Depending how long I spend on each story I may not get through all of those but By the end of the Current arc I plan to have Audrey introduced at the very least.

^ This is my next commission, The chubby one is Audrey (other is Bailey from ILMB). I am going to be making Audrey chubbier, not as fat as Daisy was but soft with some muffin top.

So the point of this post is first to give a very rough idea of what I plan to do (which is definitely subject to change as I try to keep things organic), but it is also to ask you all to let me know what you want to see. What niches that I haven’t done, or haven’t done enough do you want to see more focus on? There will be a huge focus on catgirl cosplay in this arc that I think you all will enjoy, but there is so many fetishes out there let me know where you’d like me to try to work into the story.

Also remember commenting gets your name entered to the raffle that will be drawn the first of 2021, so help make Zoe into a comic you love and even get a chance to commission me to make a page especially for what you want to see.