I’ve been focusing on these VIXI drawings so haven’t gotten much done on the Zoe one shots. I have finally gotten a good idea for a Zoe loli comic, one starring Zoe not Abi (though Abi will make an appearance :D). I should have it up tomorrow night (about 2-3rds done with the first page and will be 2-3 pages). Think people will like it.

That will be the last one of these I’m gunna do. I know there is still rapey guy and 6way and schoolgirl and preggo to go but I am going to go back to focusing on both the Zoe reboot and VIXI. I will do a preggo drawing for you guys and maybe even put a schoolgirl outfit on a preggo Zoe to sweeten the pot but it will be the post for Thursday (meaning no posts non-weds). Then next Thursday I will begin posting the reboot.

As I said in yesterday’s post I have started trying to do fast sketchy drawings for VIXI an will try to do a bunch every day. I am going to make use of my Twitter and post the best drawing each day there. So if you haven’t checked out my twitter feel free to come on by.