Ordered a copy of FF10 last night and then drew this to pass the time while I wait for it to arrive (will be here tomorrow). I’ve not been into games for quite a while (new games just don’t appeal to me, and I really want to play fallout 3 and new vegas but to get a used xbox1 is ridiculous unlike any past gen where prices dropped it is MORE expensive than it was new on the shelf a few years ago. So ff10 it is).

Not a big fan of RPGs but FF10 was always the exception. I played it and couldn’t beat the boss back on the ps2 (didn’t grind enough). Retried and beat it on the ps3, and it has now been about 10 years since playing it and really want a good fun game that isn’t so hectic.

I partly decided to draw this because of the extremely good response to the Avatar commissions I’ve posted on Twitter from Thor, The first has already gotten like 30 likes and jumped the amount of followers by almost 20 new followers. I just posted this drawing there as well, if it gets a similar response I might set aside time to do a bunch more to try to build my readership here. Can’t advertise and sadly not too many female characters in things I actually am a fan of are cute to do fanart of (American Cartoons seem to go out of their way making girls ugly 🙁 ). I didn’t get much response from the Disenchantment and gave up on that a while back, but that isn’t a popular thing…

Hopefully it will work. The site does really good right at the VDSD then I deal with dropping numbers all year bringing down my spirits because there is no way to really reach new readers and it is only natural for people to loose interest and move on with time and without new people to replace those that got ADD it just gets depressing. I averaged only in the low 300s over the weekend which is the lowest my views have been in a long time.

Let me know if you’d like to see more FFX XX 😀 stuff