I am going to try a new way of raising funds. If my Kofi makes 1000$ (no deadline, but hopefully it wouldn’t take years as this is an attempt to make Zoe into a comic I can survive off of…) I will do a one shot (4ish pages long) of Zoe succeeding in eating herself out, all the way to orgasm. The next arc (spoilers) is going to be a unsatisfied Zoe trying to eat herself out and failing, I know you all want her to succeed and feel that great pleasure of her own tongue on her own pussy 😛 So think you guys won’t be satisfied with the canon version. So this is a way to offer up a non canon one shot of Zoe doing something that isn’t humanly possible (at least every pic and vid I’ve seen online is fake).

I am working on getting a set up in the top right that will show a tiny teaser (and I mean tiny, had to greatly reduce detail because of how small the image is going to be and low res). I have a reward already ready of Zoe succeeding drawn as a motivational poster style meme. Anyone who donates 1$ or more will get it (still working this stuff out so not sure if Kofi can auto give rewards or if I’ll have to gather emails and email them individually).

The art is as good if not better than regular Zoe pages (what I’ve got so far is better because I am really finding I like this niche I wasn’t really aware of, might even top Pregnant Zoe for me).

Here is a test scribble I did the other day and colored when was just toying with the idea for the next arc. (the one shot will look a million times better).

If it succeeds the one shot will be available on the site for everyone to enjoy, whether you donated or not. Those that donate will get the PERSEVERANCE motivational poster drawing that has Zoe getting a lice solid lick to tide them over till the goal is met.