VDSD while not a failure, was a far cry from the traffic it generated in years past, maybe I didn’t hook them with my drawings this time, or maybe it is just since it is the same sites every year involved their readers have already seen and decided whether my comics appeal… So in a moment of frustration and depression mixed with disappointment over a show not reaching the levels it should be…

I give you Disappointment- A Disenchantment Porn Parody

I am struggling already to juggle all the various projects and commitments I have, but gunna try to add one more ball in there (that’s what she said).

I like Disenchantment, but it really is squandering its potential by weak writing and uninspired animation causing many jokes to fall flat, Over the past few months I’ve come up with a few jokes that I think are as good or better than anything that has been in the first 22 episodes of the show (as far as am at moment, currently watching season 3).

Years ago there was this amazing Futurama fan comic, not quite porn but with a lot of nudity. It was hilarious and seemed to get a lot of popularity on places like E Hentai (this was 10 years ago so can’t remember the guys name who made it, think he was french though I remember he had a 4th wall joke where he inserted himself, think giving Amy a butt massage…)

Anyways. I know the best way to reach new people is to do Rule 34 type stuff of famous cartoons. The problem is I don’t really watch any cartoons where I’d want to see the girls naked too much (hense why I tried to smooth out the groening look on Bean a bit). Disenchantment seems a good place where I could try to stand out and get something that gets some notice and ideally brings a lot of new readers here.

I don’t plan on making it huge, probably 10ish pages. I plan to have the pages post on the VIPXXL like it was a commission, when it is finished I will post the whole thing publicly on the homepage, then will look for places like E hentai to post it to try to drum up new readers.

Let me know what you think of the page, the show, or the idea of making a porn parody of it.