There was some pushback against it so thought best to create a tier specifically for it instead of just lumping it in with another. It is 8$ a month and also can be accessed in any tier above that.

I plan to do a oneshot each month that explores flashbacks of Zoe and Abi. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in head on over to the Sponsus and subscribe. I currently got 1 4pg oneshot up and will do a new one the last weekend of each month. They will vary in length and what they are about but I will try to make them fun and also will fill in a lot of story. They won’t be in any particular order but eventually I might put a chronological list of them for binging (once there are enough for that to make sense).

This is the 1st page and is representative of the quality I plan to do for future oneshots as well. If you’d like to see the full thing it is just 8$ a month and you get access to this VIP section as well as the Zoe one (which posts pages early) and the Shippon one (which has uncensored versions of the pages) as well as the ILMB comic which has over 20 pages so far.

I am nearly broke, I managed to make the 15k I got from my 401k last almost 2 years but I am down to less than 1k left in my account and that at best will keep me going for 2 more months (when added to what I am already making on Sponsus). I am trying to make this last ditch effort so I don’t need to find a day job, because if I do then I won’t have near as much time to make pages and the frequency of updates will have to be cut back quite a bit. I’m hoping that these Flashbacks will give enough value to get my sponsus to the 600 a month I need to survive. Fingers crossed.