Just a test to see if I could manage showing the characters talking. Originally I planned to cheat and never show their faces while they talked, instead using cutaways or closeups of fidgeting feet (things I thought would be easier to animate).

The lip syncing is way off, but that is because I had to completely eyeball it. I don’t have an editing program yet so I tossed a bunch of images into a gif maker and put the audio on loop and then just tried to turn layers on and off until the mouth sort of matched…

It is more of a proof of concept. You can hear what Zoe is gunna sound like, as well as how she is gunna look. This is super compressed and low quality due to the way I made it (as said haven’t yet started with editing software which should allow for crisp hd-ish animation.

As said in the Zoe page earlier today. This is turning out to be quite pricey. So anyone who really wants to see a 10+ minute hentai of Zoe getting deep throated by a large penis, bukkaked, then fucked in multiple positions… maybe you might see yourself helping out. There are a lot of ways to help. If you want to see in progress stuff as I finish it for the animation the Patreon is great for that. I’ve been posting whatever I’ve accomplished every day. There are about a dozen different animations, and many variations of completeness for each, so if you love special features/behind the scenes looks in blurays… this is a lot like that. If regular donations isn’t really something you are up for and you just want to tip me a bit to help with these costs Kofi is great for that. Standard is 3$ like buying me a cup of coffee (or diet Mnt Dew, as I hate coffee). You can also donate any amount through Kofi, much like just sending through PayPal.


As said this is gunna cost me at least 700$ when all is said and done and I don’t have an income so 700$ is a huge chunk out of my 401k savings I am currently surviving off of.

I’m trying to make something special. I am not a huge fan of hentai, and the things I don’t like about it are things I am trying to offer the world with this animation.

10 Things in hentai I don’t like:

10. Everything is rape… Like 90% it seems. Zoe instigates the sex and convinces the Therapist.

9. Every girl has massive boobs. Zoe is full on flat chested in this animation.

8. The moaning, god is it one extreme or the other. Either they seem to be in great pain, or are having the loudest orgasm ever had. I’m working with the voice actress to get a really cute series of sex noises for Zoe, she even went above and beyond and did a bunch of really good gagging noises.

7. Voice acting. Very few are in English, and those that are have some god awful voice work most the time (a few notable exceptions like Mezzo Forte). As you can see the voice actress is really good, with a very cute anime girl style voice.

6. The inconsistent art. Most hentai will have parts that look really good, and really bad. Like they had one talented artist doing one sex shot and all the other shots have really bad art. I’ve seen ones where the vagina is clearly an after though drawn separate from the body and will sometimes slide off the body like a Mr. Potatohead mouth… I don’t claim to be the greatest artist in the world but I am trying to not settle for my second best. I’ve already tossed a number of loops out that I didn’t think was up to snuff and will keep at it till I have a really solid animation.

5. Not very interesting. This is just me and what bothers me with anime too, they keep telling the same stories over and over with the same exact character types and it all feels very samey.

4. No noses… This is just me and I know the most controversial feature of Zoe is her big ol’ nose, but I hate how all anime has these tiny or nonexistent noses. Zoe was my sort of response to that and have always tried to make her nose stand out as one of her most front and center features.

3. Not enough sex. Many of these are 30 minutes, with about 5-7 being sex. This animation will be 10-15 minutes with at least 60% be devoted to oral and vaginal sex (no anal in this one)

2. Old hentai has bad nipples that look like someone stuck them on after the fact. Zoe has her cute little nipples just like in the reboot of the comic.

  1. The mosaics over the vaginas and dicks. This will be full of closeups of penetration and I’ve been working hard to make a very realistic pussy for Zoe. Did a loop focused solely on how Zoe looks with different levels of openness to her legs and spreading it as wide as it can go.


So if any of you want to lend your support, know that it will be going towards the costs of making this very ambitious little animation.