It has now been a month since 2 cats showed up on my porch Halloween night and never left. It was a painful day when my jealous cat attacked me leaving me near fatally mained, but have healed up with some little battle scars.

About 3 weeks ago I brought the 2 cats in and kept them sequestered in a room to themselves, they loved it, and refused to go back outside and haven’t stepped foot outside since. After the first week I started letting them out with my cat Shylo for short periods keeping a close eye to make sure my cat didn’t go crazy. She started calming down eventually. A week ago we started leaving them out for most the day (I shut them in when I go to bed each night and usually keep Shylo locked up with me when I am on the computer drawing during the day). They are getting along much better, but none are fixed and there is massive wait lists to get them fixed going into the middle of Feb.

I’ve named the boys Mat and Perrin, after the best book series ever. They really fit their names. Perrin is bigger and quiet and reserved (till you get some catnip in him at least). He stands up to Shylo and when she starts going after Mat, Perrin will plop down between them and be a wall. Mat, like the character his name is derived from, is always chasing the ladies (Shylo). The 2 of them are chasing eachother all the time and he seems a bit infatuated with her (So am very careful to not leave the 2 of them alone).

The cats all seem quite happy (Shylo still gets a bit peeved at times but usually is fine). Here are a few photos I took of them when they discovered an old catnip container that I bought for Shylo over a year ago and she seemed uninterested in, Perrin isn’t he is a fiend for it (rolling all over and knocking bottles all over the place).