Think this is the one. My art has gotten good enough to where I think it is serviceable and by doing it in B/W I can more easily go back and fix panels I think look bad down the line without it being too much work to be worth it. It will by stylistically the same as the new UGH! comic, which if haven’t yet, be sure to go check out. Far less explicit and more focused on the story, but still pornographic. Zoe won’t be having nonstop sex in this new version (but the old pages will remain for anyone who is more insterested in just seeing her doing every sex act imaginable).

I feel the current comic has indulged too much on the sex to the detriment of the story and feel a lot of the charm has been lost in the process. I’ve always treated these comics like rough drafts and would eventually do a “final draft” I am cautiously optimistic that this could be the final draft, same with the UGH! one. I’ve been really in a groove with both comics and really happy with how they have come out. Currently am working on page 14 of UGH! and really think the humor and personality is shining through better than any previous attempt, and with the Zoe I finished page 4 last night and think it is really solid so far and have an idea in my head where to take things that will hopefully make everyone happy.

These B/W pages don’t take me nearly as long so I can both get more done, and not be rushed into posting less than stellar pages. I am going to see how many I can get done a week but pretty confident that I can maintain 2 a week of each. Depending on how the next 2 weeks go I might shoot for 3 of Zoe, but need to see if that is something I can manage consistently.

I am finishing the current arc so that the story has a bit of a sweet ending so those that are invested in it don’t feel abandoned. My estimation is it will take 7 more pages to complete the arc, so in 7 weeks I plan to reboot Zoe.