Been drawing this the past weekish (4 comic pages done and a 5th sketched) If are a sponsus supporter they are posted in the VIPXXL section atm.

Thinking of posting it publicly as a new weekly full color comic. The one issue being, it isn’t porn, just very explicit fanservice (she is naked the whole first story but something is always covering the her a bit). The idea is sort of inspired by Ren and Stimpy, but a bit less crude and ramping up the sexuality 1000%. Story is basically watching a young girls life from the perspective of her reptile pets. A Lizard and a Frog.

I couldn’t remember how to make new subdomains on my site (that is why never made a vip place for the UGH pages and instead just posted them all as one post in the VIP section). If anyone knows webhosting/subdomains/and wordpress and can lend a hand I’d appreciate it. Still need to settle on a name for the comic Lizard and Frog is a bit generic. Thinking the characters names will be Madelin (maybe change it to Madeline as that is the more traditional spelling) Char’ and Poli’ as she was a pokemon fan (Think most people name their pets after characters they love… at least I do).

So now onto the bad bit of news. I am going to kinda end Ugh, it will continue, but not as a weekly comic and instead sort of just update when I feel inspired to do small stories or gags.

On to the good news. I am going to sorta soft reboot Zoe again, by soft reboot I mean I am going back to full color. Starting in the next Arc it will be full color, but will be a bit less sexual for a while after this and a bit closer to the original Zoe way back in 2012 while Zoe tries to get Damien in bed.